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The Bishop Is Kidnapped!

  • The Bishop of Medellin Colombia is being held hostage by an infamous drug lord, Escargo the Snail.  Fly the wild skies when Sister Mary Michael and the convent hire a renegade pilot to rescue Bishop Julius, in a rusted out cargo plane that's held together with duck tape and baling wire. 

Local Interest

  • The hilarious novel, Plight 713, is launched after a lovely afternoon of signing books with fellow authors at home base, Council Bluffs, IA, across the river from Omaha.  Special thanks to the Council Bluffs Public Library and CBTV Channel 17.

We Give Back

  • You might not know this, but those lovely nuns who spent years knocking some sense into our young skulls get little or nothing from social security.  They pretty much worked for free.  We love our eldlery nuns, and help support them through their retirement years with the sales of Plight 713.

Plight 713

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